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January 3, 2011

Happy 2011. Hope ya’ll had a crackin’ 2010, I know I did. Lots of ups and downs. I’m hoping 2011 brings better things though, and more oportunities etc etc gobble gobble.

I have a new home on the internet, have welcomed myself to the world of Tumblr.

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Christmas 2010

December 29, 2010

Extortion Record Sale

December 18, 2010

All offers emailed to

other stuff for sale…


50 Lions ‘Where Life Expires’ 12″ (green/black splatter)
50 Lions ‘Where Life Expires’ 12″ tour press 92/100
AFI – ‘Medicate’ 7″
Worlds Apart – ‘Final Show’ (Mahatma Gandhi quote cover) 7″ 4/25
Worlds Apart – ‘Final Show’ (Skater cover) 7″ 5/25
Signs Of Hope ‘Choices Made’ 7″
Hopeless ‘Human’ 7″ – Pending Sale
Miles Away ‘Memory Embraced’ 7″ – Pending Sale
Jungle Fever ‘Jungle Fever’ 7″

Band merch, all size small shirts:
MDK. A Dying Dream. Eye-Gouge! Jack The Giant Killer. The Hot Lies. Kisschasy. Ghost Town. Hopeless. This City Ignites. In Name & Blood.

Ask for pics, make offers.



December 12, 2010

So, probs the last little hardcore gem to come out of this year will be Byron Bay hardcore band Word Up’s ‘Cabin Fever’. This is set to be released on December 20th and will be available in Tasmania through Maelstrom Music.

Contact us here for a copy or grab one at a show!

Next Month

December 10, 2010

Listen the fuck up!!

December 10, 2010

Just a small snippet of a convo between myself and a good personal friend…….


But people should support bands go see them because it’s what they asked for and who said it was going to be cheap? Who cares have fun, enjoy yourself and money is only an object.

Besides the money is going towards the bands you see and that’s just supporting them enough to become actually big in the world and to be able to continue with their band to be successful and make even more music for the world to listen to. People are just arrogant, selfish and blind these days and want everything to be free but nothing’s free and would rather download everything, follow trends and become stereotypes and not be themselves. If I had enough money to be able to buy all the music of the bands that I listen to, I would.

What I know for sure is you can’t get band merch for free and that’s a good thing because that’s possibly one of the only greatest ways bands have of supporting themselves.

your words are so true mate.  I wish more people saw it from that point of view

Same, it would be so much more different and possibly better off for everyone.
Also I wish people didn’t hate on other genres of music either, can’t we all get along? People like all sorts of genres and it doesn’t make you no better than anyone if you like a particular genre of music nor gains respect or acknowledgment, I have respect for all genres and nor do I hate on other genres. Same goes for arrogant straightedge people, they’re no better than anyone they just follow a way of life and I respect that but is also known as a trend the way I see some people follow it for the wrong reasons.

glad you see it this way mate. this is what’s been killing me inside for the better part of three years, and slowly it’s bringing about the demise of the Tasmanian music scene.

I’m glad I do too, otherwise I could possibly be a stuck up moron who follows one genre with no respect and thinks his genre is ‘the best’ if I didn’t realize this and understand.
Same, it use to be better than this with the good old bands and everyone got along, now the gigs are small and don’t have much of a turn out in the end like they use to and everyone hates on each other, it’s not fun anymore because everyone in the music scene in Tasmania has just changed and become arrogant with no respect and that’s very true man.

I wish that more people saw things from this point of view, you wanna know why the Tasmanian scene is dying? Well you just got a glimpse why!

Today an old friend of mine added me on Facebook. It was a bit of a surprise for me as we were once very close and we haven’t spoken in over 2 years.
I look very much forward to chilling and catching up with you 🙂

Working out, 356.

November 28, 2010

Free weights and Nautilis equiptment releives my stress. My body responds to the workout accordingly. Shirtless, I scrutinize my image in the mirror above the sinks in the locker room at Xclusive. My arm muscles burn, my stomache is taut as possible, my chest steel, pectorals granite hard, my eyes white as ice. In my locker in the locker room at Xclusive lie three vaginas I recently sliced out of various women I’ve attacked in the past week. Two are washed off, one isn’t. There’s a barrette clipped to one of them, a blue ribbon from Hermes tied around my favorite.

November 27, 2010

The Loved Ones.

November 23, 2010