Days roll on

July 25, 2010

Lotta shit been going on lately.
First up, business as usual. Damage is gonna change Hobart forever. If you don’t know I suggest you find out-!/event.php?eid=136506386382459&ref=ts
Say “DNJ!” at the door for cheap entry + drinks.
Also last week we announced quite a few shows, including the Miles Away Tasmanian tour which I’m looking forward to. I’ll be updating the DNJ! blog soon so lurk that shit for more info.
Senses Fail tickets are also on sale!! Get them from The Brisbane Hotel, or directly through Jacquie or myself. Send an email to to secure your tickets.!/event.php?eid=128488190515748&ref=ts

So I suppose I should update y’all on my recent additions that I’ve picked up at the odd show or two, or the postie has kindly dropped off.

  • Meticulous Despoilment – The Beer Battered, Bacon Wrapped, Deep Fried Burrito! Demo cd.

This demo by these ridicolously outrageous bastards of grind makes me laugh, really showcases Tassie talent at it’s finest. But no, seriously.. Featuring members of Mephistopheles and Seperatist, give these guys a go. And a blowjob.

  • Break Even – The Bright Side LP both pre-order colours.
  • Day of The Dead – Perspectives cd.

Finally!!! So after a long and agonising wait this eventually got to me. Anchors Aweigh Records obviously knew they were behind on this, as they threw in a freebee, a bands album whom I’ve never heard of before but sound kinda alright. But the big thing here is The Bright Side LP’s, the wait did make it worth it. Just a shame they came slightly battered. I’m not the only one in the country to complain about this. Someone else should have released it. But plus points for the blue/black splatter ruling hard!

  • Robotosaurus – Manhater 10″ & Split w/ Coerce CD.

Something else I been waiting for. Since forever and ever! I ordered the Manhater 10″ a VERY LONG time ago. When I ordered the new Roboto release, the Coerce split, from the same label. These 2 beauty’s arrived. There was a note saying there had been some complication with my address, the 10″ had been sitting arround gathering dust with my name only, so when an address to the same name came with the split cd order. Along they both came. WTF! Seems with me strange things are always going on in terms of vinyl orders.

  • AFI – Decemberunderground LP

Promised myself I’d buy this. Now I own all their albums on vinyl. Quite happy with that. Collecting all the colours will be quite a different matter. But I’m working on it. With the completion of this milestone in my AFI collection I thought I should upload a quick peek of my AFI record collection.


TV on DVD.

July 12, 2010

New additions:

True Blood – Season 1
Californication – Season 1 & 2.

Wow! What a weekend. So firstly on Friday the postie brought me these..

  • Sienna Skies – Truest Of Colours CD
  • Samsara – Instinct Over Influence Shirt + CD

Later that night I went to a party in Rokeby where I saw Baxton play their first show, in a small, cramped shed. Holy fucking shit, these guys have a lotta potential. Their sound is awesome. Can’t wait to see them start playing some proper shows. I moshed so hard I had to lay down for the better part of an hour afterwards.

Next day was the Hobart leg of the House Vs. Hurricane/Mindset Tassie tour.
I went to Eastlands with my family for some lunch together, which is a rare thing. Then I went to town and hung out with Jacquie. We went to JB Hi-Fi and brought this..

  • Underbelly – The Golden Mile DVD Boxset.
  • Heroes For Hire – Life Of The Party CD.

We then went to our favorite Cafe, Ready Lunch, for something to eat and drink. We ran into James Hickey there.
With him in tow we trundled up the road to The Brisbane.
As soon as I got in the door I went and snatched up Surrender’s EP New Directions and a matching shirt.

Surrender opened the proceedings and we’re fucking brilliant. Best I’ve seen them play in a while and golden oldie No Regrets was killer. I couldn’t fault them this time around and hope at future shows they meet the bar they’ve raised for themselves here.
Save The Clocktower played after them and they were as always fantastic. I love their style. I can’t wait for an EP. Snitches Belong In Ditches! Sydney watch out.

Watching Mindset play was like re-discovering something you thought you’d long lost. With the new addition of Spitti being swiped from Melbourne mosh band All Or Nothing to play on the guitar, these ex Tassie lads killed it! Opening with an intro crafted from their song Shipwreck To Shipwreck. they took many by surprise as lots we’re still outside having a fag leaving a few others and myself to enjoy this. I moshed my heart out and sang at the top of my lungs. I’d been waiting for this eagerly since the show was announced, and I was well impressed 🙂

House vs. Hurricane were incredible. Their debut album Perspectives isn’t really my cuppa tea, but when it was performed live it did all the right things for me. Big breakdowns and rave parties! They played some good ol’ killers from Forfeiture and that really got me moving around, jumping on top of fools for mic grabs and of course raving. A lot has changed since I saw these guys at The Arty in ’08. At least I wasn’t the only one being a wanker! My head exploded when they got an encore and performed Comforting Our Thoughts In A Continuous Blue.
I left the show with these beauties.

  • House Vs. Hurricane – Leaps & Bounds Singlet + Sunglasses

With such an exciting weekend behind me I can’t wait for The Omen/Feed Her To The Sharks next weekend.
Kudus to Ryan & Amelia Cooke and anyone involved with x7250x for this one ruling hard and for keeping their shit tight at a show. It was a good feeling to be at a show and not stressing over anything, thanks guys!


July 7, 2010

AFI – Decemberunderground 7″ Boxset.
Every Time I Die – Shit Happens DVD.

Wow! I really dont know why I haven’t purchased this boxset sooner! Decemberunderground was a brilliant album, the one I really hated to love. I have focussed mainly on AFI’s early punk back catalouge and it occured to me that apart from Crash Love LP + Singles I hadn’t really gotten anything later than Sing The Sorrow on vinyl. So I snapped this up, and it rules! It comes with six 7 inch records, all clear vinyl. The box that holds the records is protected by a clear case with the Decemberunderground rabbits logo, and the deadened tree’s illustration giving it a really cool white/silver effect. Instead of side’s A & B on the records they are designated a jumble of letters that, when put together, form the words “I Heard A Voice” I love this so much, and will be buying the Decemberunderground LP next pay.

The ETID dvd will be good watching material also. A live show, and hours upon end of scandolous ETID hi-jinks, fuck yeah!

Medicate pt. I & II

July 4, 2010

So when AFI’s first single came out from the Crash Love album, the 2x 7″ box set was created. With two exclusive b-side tracks, Ether & Carcinogen Crush. Now thanks to modern technology I have put these on to my computer, where they will find their way into my iTunes. I have uploaded these to Rapidshare and anyone who lurks my blog will see more to come.

I’m sure these can more than likely be found elsewhere online, but for my part this is it.
I do hope this works, been a long time for me….