New Toy.

May 31, 2010



May 28, 2010

I turn 21 tomorrow.. But the only thing I can think of is her. She’s plaguing my mind. In a way that is unexpected, I should add. I thought we were shot, so why do I find myself forever wishfully thinking? I can not stop, I will not stop. Please someone help me! Nobody said this was going to be easy but all I want.. Is you.


May 19, 2010

Can not wait for these gems to arrive.

PWD’s new album, Deep Blue on 12″ and sweatpants to boot!

No photo of the sweatpants because I simply can not be bothered. Will upload a shot of myself wearing them one day, promise!

In other mailing news, got a $112 money order returned to sender yesterday. No wonder that particular Aussie Hardcore label has been avoiding me! Must think I’m stealing from them, hope I can clear this up. Just another classic Aussie Post let down. Also my Trapped Under Ice “Demo” 7″ still has not arrived.

But what have arrived are the following:
My Crash Love LP, finally! My Extortion Demo re-issue 7″ and I Exist: I A Turn For The Worst CD.

Other stuff, anyone not knowing Jacquie and I are over. It is for good this time. I will stay on as friends but if the same things as last time happen again, and she wants back I will say no. Sorry Jac, but I will not get hurt a third time. Fuck that. I don’t want to move on, but, I do want to get on with my life. You are still the best friend I could ask for, I guess the intimacy is just gone.

I have just had a short visit to hospital, what started as a mild fever escalated to me having difficulties with my diabetes, and underneath all that the friendly doctors uncovered some problem with my lungs. Fuck! Sure I drink occasionally, but I do not smoke or do drugs and unnecessarily abuse my body, so why does it fail me like this?

On the bright side I am joining the local Touch Footy team. When younger I played Touch quite competitively, it shall be very interesting to see how I respond to the game after  such a lengthy absence.

I still work at a chicken shop and I’m going for my P’s (again!) next month.

ceremony, permanent.

May 12, 2010

Don’t tell me its over just yet
Because when you said you would be here forever
I figured that bought us some time
But time past through us
And left you wanting more
But this is it kid
Our hearts beat for it
It doesn’t get any better than this
So don’t look back
Don’t look down
What could have been isn’t even an option
I’m thinking clearly for the very first time
I’m a fuck up
A highschool dropout but I see this world for what it really is
Bright skies and countrysides in a land that talks in tongues
Where do we go from here
Is this all we have
Will we ever get out
Here’s to our fucking youth spent wasted out
I know I promised you more but
Fuck what you think
Fuck everything
Fuck regret
Down for anything

Two ways to choose,
On a razor’s edge,
Remain behind,
Go straight ahead.
Room full of people, room for just one,
If I can’t break out now, the time just won’t come.

Watch me unwind.
Rejected and depressed.
Everything I am I hate.
Confused, directionless.
Knowing this is all we had.
Existing on best terms we can until
Death takes us from our own fucking hands.

But nothing can touch us now.

I tell myself that I know I don’t want to be the man who tells stories
Of the all things that were ripped from my hands before I truly grasped them and I know if we shutdown in stages then let this be the last time
That I ever fucking gave a shit, with my head in my hands, I never meant anything more than this,
This is the story of permanence.
This is the story of unchained momentum
This is the story of everything, we ever wanted.


May 12, 2010

My life is like an intricate jigsaw of extreme difficulty. Wish I could piece together the picture and find some answers already!

New phone…

May 11, 2010

So here’s a selection of 2 records I’m very eagerly awaiting.
Break Even – The Bright Side 12″ (both preorder vinyl colors)
Hopeless – Human 7″ (3 pack preorder)

Did not suss a picture for the 3rd Hopeless colourway, but will have picture’s of the real deal when they arrive.

Other’s I’m currently awaiting are:

I Exist – I: A Turn For The Worst CD
AFI – Girl’s Not Grey CD Single
AFI – Girl’s Not Grey CD Single “Mistake press” (Has the wrong tracks on it and a bonus video enhancement)
Trapped Under Ice – Demo 7″
AFI – Miss Murder 7″ Picture Disc
AFI – The Leaving Song Part II 7″
AFI – Now The World/Reiver’s Music 10″ Picture Disc
AFI – Crash Love 12″ LP

As you can see very AFI orientated. I love earning money only to wonder which records I’ll blow a large amount of it on that week! But I’m starting to budget my cash which is a cunt, means not as many online purchases, but more money in the bank. If you asked me I’d say you need some $$ in the bank if you wanna get anywhere in life. I’m currently on the hunt for a rental property, have driving lessons to pay off. That will also mean I’ll want a car before long. Gotta think about what’s important and in the grand scheme of things records are very, very nice. But not.

Still, I do believe buying choice selections like the one’s I’ve purchased above ARE worth it! 🙂


May 3, 2010

So can someone please tell me what happened to the 300+ strong metal community that we’re all raging about Saturday’s gig? I’m not too sure how the promoters worked it out but I hope Anguish got at least some decent sorta drink out of that, for travelling all the way they did to play to no one. Whilst I say this though, the promoters still did an awesome job and help it together even though the expected numbers didn’t arrive. Couldn’t have handled it better myself.