Rest In Peace Mate.

April 27, 2010

R.I.P. Aaron “Stumpy” Mackrill. You were an absolute fantastic mate and the best guy to know. The times I spent laughing into all hours of the night with you will never be forgotten. It saddens me that I never got to kick around with you outside of diabetes camp. News of your passing is just fucked. I’ll miss you buddy. My thoughts are with your family.
To know you was a pleasure. Life for you was unfairly short but in my time of knowing you I saw a man plauged by illness yet you battled on and enjoyed what time you had. You were always laughing at stupid things and your beautiful face lighting up always brought me into fits of laughter myself. Stumpy, my biggest regret is that I never contacted you lately, I’ve known you were sick but never did I call or come see you. I will never be able to live with that. The last I saw you was outside The Royal Hobart Hospital, I’d been for a checkup. You were introduced to my partner, Jacquie. To me your mischievous little grin gave everything away! Anyone that reads this and had been on camp with Stumpy and myself will know what I’m speaking of here.
These are the things I’ll never forget about you mate. You were an all round great bloke and one of a kind.
I love you stumpy. Rest in peace.

I’m really excited about all the upcoming DNJ! shows. I’m really excited about everything that is due in the mail this week. I’m (still) really excited about Luca Brasi. I’m really excited about Ride The Tiger’s Ambush. I’m really excited about Jac having a job interview tomorrow. good luck! I’m really excited about getting my first tattoo. I’m really excited about Launceston all ages. I’m really excited about x7250x’s return show to be announced. I’m forever really excited about AFI. I’m really excited about the Carlton Blues Football Club. I’m really excited about Cold Rock. I’m really excited about Youngblood. I’m really excited about blogging to much dribble?

Record sale

April 17, 2010

I’m trying to rid my self of a few unwanted records.. just a few.
Will part with these for dollars or happy to do a trade.
You may notice from my previous post that I’m very interested in anything AFI.


A.V.O – Solutions, black vinyl.
Toe To Toe – Unanimous Points Decision, black vinyl. Comes with bonus poster.
Flyin’ Trichecos – Self titled, black vinyl.
The Romance/Jealous – Split EP, pink vinyl w/ black streaks.
Sings Of Hope – Choices Made, clear gold vinyl.
Miles Away – Brainwashed, white vinyl.


Rise Against – Revolutions Per Minute, black vinyl.
The Inoculators – Dropped Their Brains, clear green vinyl. Limited edition pressing of 855. Bonus stickers. all offers/expressions of interest here please.

From their early punk days to the very pop friendly Crash Love, I’ve loved AFI for longer than I can care to remember.Here is a complete photoblog of all of my AFI vinyl records. I own some little beauty’s as you can see, but there’s still a lot to go. Anyone wanting to part with anything that you notice me not to have hit me up at
I love some of these because of the alternate art work, check out Sing The Sorrow, amazing!
I realize my photo taking skills do not rule as much as these records do.

7″ :

Behind The Times EP.
Translucent black vinyl, limited to 400. First pressing.

Bombing The Bay Split 7″ w/ Swingin’ Utters.
Black Vinyl, quantity unknown. 2nd pressing re-release.

Fly In The Ointment.
Glow In The Dark, Pale Green Vinyl. Limited to 1,000. 1st Pressing.

AFI/Heckle Split.
Black Vinyl, limited to 700. 2nd Pressing.

A Fire Inside EP.
I have the 2nd and 3rd pressing’s of this. The 2nd is the clear yellow vinyl with the Adeline Records preorder patch. The 3rd is the black vinyl with large center holes and no tracklisting on the back cover. The 2nd is of limited quantity, I have the 1st pressing of this record on it’s way in the post at current.

All Hallow’s EP.
The pressing of this was limited to 1,000 spread between 3 colours but the exact quantity of the various colours is unknown. I have the clear orange.

Girl’s Not Grey.
7″ Single, UK Edition. Grey Vinyl, Quantity unknown.
I also have a clear red re-release of this record.

Love Like Winter.
Limited picture disc, the b side features the rare track ‘On The Arrow’.


Miss Murder Picture Disc.
This was sold as a Hot Topic exclusive and the quantity is unknown.


Answer That and Stay Fashionable.
I have the 1st, 2nd and tour press red vinyl. 1st & 2nd limited to 1,000, tour press limited to 300.

Very Proud Of Ya.
There was a heap of colourways pressed for this, I have 2 ‘random coloured’ ones both limited to 300 each.

Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes.
This is another of those random coloured vinyl’s limited to 300. This random colour thing was done for most 12″ records.

Black Sails In The Sunset.
Random Coloured Vinyl. Limited to 300.

The Art Of Drowning.
I have the first pressing of this on black and one of the random coloured vinyls, limited to 300.

Sing The Sorrow.
Clear Red Double LP Gatefold. Limited to 1o,000. There were no other pressings of STS ever made on vinyl.
I’ve also thrown in an image of my cassette.

AFI Retrospective.
Picture Disc. Released without the bands knowledge and another Hot Topic Exclusive. Vinyl only tracks from previous albums. Quantity unknown.

So there you have it, there’s my AFI collection thus far. Pretty swanky! What d’ya reckon? I just won a copy of their 10″ picture disc featuring Now The World on the a side and Reiver’s Music on the b side. Sweet! All my Crash Love vinyl’s are arriving in the next 2 – 3 weeks. Will have pictures of all new additions as they arrive. Thanks and goodbye.

New Addition:

April 12, 2010

So apart from the large amount of AFI records I picked up from a local Sandy Bay seller today (which I’ll have pictures of soon!) I also had this little beauty arive in the mail.

Jungle Fever limited show release for their final show. Came with a coupla badges and a sticker! Hand numbered 38/42.

Beautiful Thieves

April 10, 2010

You will notice all my previous posts of the past few days to be music video’s. This is simply because these songs/bands have made an impact on my day, however big or small. Usually they have just stuck in my head.

My AFI collection is ever growing, I have dropped a generous amount of dollars on some new records to add to the shelves. I have gone and gotten Crash Love on 12″, Beautiful Thieves etched 7″ (hand numbered outta 500) Medicate 2x 7″ set, and a deleted UK 7″ pressing of Medicate which is strictly limited to 1000 worldwide. 

Also I have lined up to buy the below records from a local buyer come Monday:

AFI/Heckle – Black 7″ (limited to 700 2nd press)
Love Like Winter – Picture Disc 7″
Girls Not Grey – Grey 7″
Girls Not Grey – Red 7″
Miss Murder – Picture Disc 10″
Nitro Retrospective – 12″
Very Proud of Ya – Nitro Purple Marble – 12″ (limited to 300)
The Art of Drowning – Nitro Special Coloured 12″ (limited to 300)
Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes – Nitro Green Marble – 12″ (limited to 300)
Answer That And Stay Fashionable – Nitro Black – 12″ (1st pressing)
Black Sails in the Sunset – Nitro White Marble – 12″ (limited to 300)

I’m also talking to a guy about his A Fire Inside 7″ EP he wants to part with, I have the 2nd and 3rd pressings (Pale orange & Large center holes) His version seems to be the first pressing of this, if in fact it is the 1st I’ll be getting that too.

So excited!

Wake The Dead

April 8, 2010

Fruity Lexia

April 7, 2010


April 7, 2010