March 31, 2010

Picked up this baby yesterday, happened upon it by chance at Tommy Gun Records, advertised for $14, got it for $10. Too good to be true. Sits in my ever growing collection of all things AFI, which sadly has seen progress slow down of late.

You can see on the back cover the 3 tracks and video that interest me most on this compilation.


March 30, 2010

Call me scum and think I wont say the same to your face? Try me.

Call me a deaf dog? What, so lost for insults you resort to using what I was born with to insult me? If one of your children came out blind or retarded how would you react if people made fun of them, or if you had been born with a disability you have to live with all your life and I made a comment.. would that please you?

You insult me because you know what I said was true, you write about how pathetic it is, like it’s Australia’s greatest shame. To insult, abuse, bully and upset people by writing cruel things on the internet and trying to intimidate them. You speak of it as if it’s wrong BUT it is exactly what you do to me any given day.

Fuck you.

Lowlife dog.

March 29, 2010

when will people learn bullying, or being a keyboard warrior isn’t and never will be cool. people have feelings, and can only take so much before they’re had enough and do something stupid. if more people realised the suicide rate in australia now is higher than the amount of people whom die in car accidents per year would they stop? will anything make a difference? where has this mentally that its acceptable to bully come from? something really needs to change before it’s too late.   

Right, so you go on your merry way posting something like this acting like you give a damn but everyday you give people greif over the internet. Anyone else see the issue here?

fuck off

March 28, 2010

It’s our relationship, we do what the fuck we like with it. Has nothing to do with you.

yea yea

March 27, 2010

This world is a cunt to live in.
Australia Post are fuckheads.
Some people in this world deserve a firing squad.

Better things though,

Public Enemies is a sick movie. So in Inglourious Basterds.
Jacquie and I been together 18 months today. Love You.
Shinto Katana are playing a show for my birthday.

Not exactly sure what is wrong with me lately. Been feeling so sick and tired. I feel weak. I feel isolated. Cut off from my senses and all that happens around me. I feel as though I am nothing. Everything in my life seems to pass in a blur. My job seems to finish before it starts at 7.30am. My time spent with Jacquie just seems to go even quicker before she is back home and I am here in this shithole godforsaken house. My family fucking hates me, and I fucking hate them back. But I know this hate is not real. So why must there be arguments? Going to Melbourne again next month excites me not one bit. Even if I do get to watch Ending Atrophy with Hopeless & Ruiner. I’ve started to indulge in alcohol again and that is a very bad move. I still have my books and music, and still have Jacquie. Fuck. I need some more excitement in my life though. I need something more to keep me going.

This blog entry is disgusting.


March 13, 2010

Chicken Burger?

March 12, 2010

Started my first day at my new job today.


March 10, 2010

I’m never gonna understand this. I’m never gonna let it be. I just can’t undestand this aged plan. It’s obsolete. How could you recognize and cherish hysteric fairy tales? They’ve come to life. Now sit by and listen… The whole world wails! I feel as though I’ve been abducted, or maybe I’m just misplaced, as I watch these rash hysterics lay to waste the human race. Just ask them if the sky will open and save us from the truth. They say that they’d leave today just without, without you. Is this one big joke? I can only hope. Say your prayers, they’re the final punchline. I don’t see the love below or above. I see you’re scared well  feel fine. Oh please believe I’m doing just fine. For what’s deceased I shall never greive. Just let your faith die. I feel I have been abandoned. I alone seem to see disgrace as I watch these mad dogmatics govern our enire race. Don’t tell them you can walk on water or they may drink your blood. Why live for pain, in the name of love? I can only hope this is one big joke with your prayers as the final punchline. How is it devine when it’s flawed design? Fill the cracks with faith I can’t find. Screaming for pure love you venerate delusion based in hate. Bleeding from pure love for this I pray: We’ve got to shake the faith.

Good Reading…

March 9, 2010