Feb 14th

February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day Jacquie. I love you.


Hey Sweety

February 9, 2010

Jacquie and I are back together now. Life rules and I can continue to be awesome.
I guess the little break was what we needed, we’re stronger than ever now. I knew this would happen. I just had to wait ūüôā

Dear world.

Tonight with Jacquie has been fucking amazing, I love her so much. Melbourne with her tomorrow will be a real treat.
Things are looking VERY good with us. Can’t stop smiling.

Goodnight, world.

Looking Forward To This…

February 4, 2010

This is my 2nd post today, I know I know….

But I just wanna tell the world about Jacquie. Fuck she is amazing, and oh so confusing.
I’m at her house right now. She is sleeping and looks so damn cute. I am writing this blog entry because of certain feelings arising between Jac and I of late. Will we get back together? What I do know is we both want it, things have happened that have proved this beyond doubt. We have both confessed we still have feelings for each other and when I speak for myself I can surely say my feelings never really died down anyway. We made our mistakes and live with our regrets. But now we’re just really close and not sure if these feelings should be¬†acted on or ignored. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be ecstatic if we got back together. Almost 2 years will do that to you. But Jac says she is still unsure and I get where she is coming from. Anyone that’s ever been in a serious long term¬†relationship will know what I mean. Perhaps a break was just meant to be? Because the hurt of not having Jac was something shocking, and I know she felt the same way about me. We missed each other like crazy and we both admit it. But hrmmm, I don’t know. Give it a few days, see what happens in Melbourne aye?¬†So many wonderful¬†memories there.¬†That place has always seemed to bring out the best in our relationship in the past. Perhaps in Melbourne we can resurrect our happiness from ashes and start over, better and stronger than ever. I hope so. I love you baby girl. I know you’re considering it, take it….

I’ve finally sorted it out and decided what my top 10 releases of last year are.
They appear in order of preference as follows:

1. AFI – Crash Love
2. Break Even – The Bright Side
3. Every Time I Die – New Junk Aesthetic
4. Gallows – Grey Brittain
5 Nazarite Vow – Conspirators EP

6. Hand Of Mercy – Scum Of The EarthEP
7. Silverback – Dead EP
8. Risk & Reason – Demo
9. Pigs! Bail! – Concentrate, Concentrate
10. Iscariot – Demo

Moving onto my Soundwave timetable, it goes like this:

Set Your Goals
Taking Back Sunday
Motion City Soundtrack
Comeback Kid
Rolo Tomassi
A Wilhelm Scream
All Time Low
My Chemical Romance
A Day To Remember

Pretty keen on all these, majorly excited for 2 bands only. AFI and Gallows.¬†Seeing AFI will complete a chapter of my life, and Grey Brittain¬†is so fucking good I reckon I’ll jizz¬†watching those pommy bastards perform¬†it live.¬†Some of the others are merely to kill the time. Am sad I couldn’t watch Enter Shikari or Placebo.

Head Spins…..

February 2, 2010

April 9th!

February 1, 2010

Can not wait.

2 amazing shows. one amazing city.