October 27, 2009

May surprise most, but I understand the stress of looking after little kids, I understand a lot more than others my age. My mother, for almost 15 years and as far as memory remembers was a family day care worker, looking after those adorable little shits day in day out was my unpaid profession so to speak. I helped mum with them and I didn’t really have a choice, they where always at my house! All day, every day. She quit that job when I was 17, I’ll never forget that part of my life which basically involved waking up to baby’s screaming, wiping arses, feeding children, temporary relief as I went to school, dulling meeting my brother and sister after and then the 3 of us had to go home and do it all again. All at an age when we should have been running around having fun. Fuck. No idea how mum did it for all those years.

I hope to have kids of my own one day, I better get a move on with life eh? Gets me thinking, what kinda role model do I wanna be for my kids one day down the track, well into the future? I certainly hope by then I can set a better example than the attitude I’ve adopted recently, falling into the trap of online brawls, bitching and moaning was a real mistake, it clouds your views on more important topics. I’m definitely gonna pull my head outta the sand and take each day as it comes, hopefully free of all the drama and bullshit of late.

I’ve been flogged, dragged out and hung up to dry. I left a job because I was regularly abused, including being spat on and hit with various objects by co workers. But was it the right choice? Really? financial loss sucks and hits me hard, and job hunting is not the easiest of tasks! I have plans, but I have no power, oh fuck.

What I guess I’m trying to say is that finding a lot of patience is a blessing in disguise, I know my time will come, untill then I’ve just gotta stick it out and do whatever I gotta do to earn the $$$.  I have much better things to do than engage myself in online brawls, because certain people think they rule the roost in our humble state. I honestly don’t care for your spiteful thoughts anymore, someone did something like you. Take it on the fucking chin. I really hope that one day i can be just like some of the young and successful couples I used to see coming through our house, dropping of their kids before another day at work. Driving away in their cars, I’d look up to these people, living stress free and having a life is all I want for myself, moving out will test me but fuck that, how do you live without the risk of failing at life altogether? Focus on the positives. Dwell on the negatives too long, and you’ll end up looking like an ugly cunt. True story.   

I’m taking things into perspective and seeing a whole lot clearer. Think about doing it yourself, it ain’t ’06 anymore. Life goes on and on and on and on.


Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah….

October 26, 2009

Blah Blah Blah Blah!!!

Excited Assss…

October 26, 2009



October 25, 2009

You’ll read what we’ve said, respond on here and copy and paste our words. You’ll try turning it back on us like you always do, do your very best. The more you carry on, the worse you make it for yourself.

October 25, 2009

Get the fuck over yourself. I’ve never met anyone that loves themselves as much as you do, you’ll no doubt feed of this post and use it to talk yourself up and have a good laugh over it. Go ahead, see if I give a shit.

MFM Post Number 2….

October 24, 2009

So I haven’t checked my emails in ages, silly me! Turns out Craigo’s sent out an email to all the pre-order clients explaining why it’ll be late, and a bit about a limited edition of Black Cranes that will only be available at the final show with different artwork and red vinyl. I’mma fucking getting it!!


Midnight Funeral Music

October 24, 2009

Just got the promo copy (#08/14) of Seduction’s Black Cranes yesterday, and a copy of the 2nd pressing of I Exist’s 3 Nails and a Book of Flaws, both on 7″. Pretty siked on these, especially Black Cranes, and it comes as a wave of relief for me to know that over at MFM Craigo’s is doing all he can to resolve my issue, that being that way back when my I Exist pre-order, all the colourways, didn’t arrive. Partly it was my fuck-up, despite Craig always saying it’s his fault, but I did arrange with him to pay via bank deposit, coincidently it’s the only time I’ve ever had a problem with the guy sending me stuff. Oh well, keen as for the Black Cranes pre-orders (With an awesome shirt!) to arrive, and can’t wait for Seductions last show! =)


Oh, and a quick rant, I seriously am at my wits end with the feeling that everything I do is a fucking competition with
“The other players in the game”
I’ve been here a fair while now, and so I’ve decided to do shows and bring bands down etc with a distro store to boot, big fucking whoop! Jac and I are very pleased with how things are going and through DNJ! we’ve been priveleged enough to meet some of the nicest people in Australia. So fuck off cunts if you don’t like or agree with what we’re up to.


October 19, 2009

I blogged on this topic ages ago, this guy just commented with a good argument…

Bands don’t generally see a cent from record sales on most labels, most profit comes from shows and merch, which you can’t download.
This whole “Downloading hurts the bands” thing was started by record labels because THEY are the ones losing money. I say fuck them. Music is about passion, not money, no matter who’s pockets you’re lining. I’ll continue to dl thanks.

Fair enough. I can totally agree with what you’re saying here, but what of the bands that go out there releasing demo’s and ep’s etc themselves? They put hundreds of dollars and hard work into it, and if people dl well do they see a cent back? I love your final line about passion, but the sad thing is, being passionate and having money to make these passionate thoughts reality are very different things.


Brought the Scandal’s Edges/Seasickness 7″ today, about gaddamn time! I’d never really gotten around to it, and I stumbled across it in Tommy Gun which was awesome. To my delight it comes with a cd version, so when I get my iPod for Christmas (cheers Jac!), The songs will go on there =)

Also, Solvent ruled, I’m stoked that they’re back, I’ll write about it on the DNJ! blog once I post this entry, so head over there to read all about it!

Last night Jac and I went to watch Silent Majority compete in the Rock Challenge. Obviously the event organizers didn’t mind a bit of mosh for the hardcore bands competing, but if they didn’t want it to happent hey didn’t point it out at all. I’ve always said how terrible mosh in Hobart is getting, this night proved it. If you where a mother and a band like silent Majority came on, promting dudes in the pit to break out in mosh, You’d move your kid… Right? This woman didn’t, and amongst all the tryhard wankers ruining everything I decided to stage dive. I landed on some girl of about 10 years who started to cry, I instantly tried to pick the gitrl up to apologize but I was scruffed by the mother, punched, kicked, scratched and spat on amongst some very colourful abuse. What a good role model for her kid, eh? I tried to explain the whole thing was an accident but this woman kept raging. The whole incedent has disgusted me and to this mother I say this- Keep your kid away from this kinda performance, I know it was the rock challenge, so you would no doubt have been there to see your sons shitty pop band or something, but when a band like SM plays get outta the way because your daughter was in harms way and no one had intended to hurt her but someone so small, it was bound to happen. Dumb bitch.