DNJ! Blog

September 28, 2009

DNJ! now has a blog!


I think this is a good thing seeing as I can blog all things music related on that and focus on my life in general on here.
It’s a hard life at that.


1 Year…

September 27, 2009

A year ago today I asked a girl I’d taken a fancy to, to be my girlfriend. She said yes, and now a year on we’ve fallen in love. I really can’t describe the feelings I’m feeling as I write this. As a couple we’ve acheived so much, and overcome so many obstacle. We’ve managed to make it this far without tearing each other apart but non of that seems to matter when at times I’vefelt like nothing could go wrong with what we have. We’re so perfect, I couldn’t ever comprehend being happier. I say with great pride that I love my beautiful girlfriend and I’ll forever be greatefull for Jacquie Lee Dillon being a part of my life.


Falling Asleep.

September 20, 2009

Gosh, it’s been a while since I posted a blog entry! I have worked all week and had the best ever weekend. All Or Nothing came down and where the best dudes to hang with. Leexxx’s band Silverback bailed on him and left him as the only guy from his band in the state, which is pretty fucking shit. Everyone could tell he was so keen. The show its self was really good and so much fun. Silent Majority fucking nailed it. They’re an amazing band for some kids so young. Myself and others where moshing. DNJ! distro made a few sales, which was blown on beer+ chips ‘n’ gravy.

All in, great times, good dudes, better music.


September 9, 2009

So I know it’s extremely short notice, but this month Silverback and All Or Nothing are now playing a show at a small venue dubbed as ‘Number 4’ out in Glenorchy. The address is 4 Farley St. It connects to Elwick Rd. & Main Rd. Anguish are playing and the other supports are tba. Silverback and All Or Nothing also play the following day @ The Brisbane hotel with Stand Defiant, Resilient, The Ghost & The Storm Outside and Silent Majority.

In other DNJ! news we have All Or Nothing’s EP ‘Reflections’ in stock for $10.00 ea. Also coming soon are Anguish and Vanity’s demo’s.

In my life things are going swimmingly. Wil is coming down today for a catch up, and things have never looked better with everything else.

My Top 10 All Time N64 Games

September 6, 2009

So when I was younger I played A LOT of Nintendo 64. Earlier this year I purchased a 2nd hand but working condition N64 on eBay, due to my mother selling my own console, at a garage sale, 20+ games and an assortment of accessory’s like rumble paks etc all for $15! Fuck.

Anyway, here is my top 10 games and the reason behind them being my favorite. I still need to buy some of these again and can’t wait to play them once more.


banjokazooie_qjpreviewthSimply put, Banjo-Kazooie was, is, and always will be an amazing game. The story goes that Banjo the bear’s little sister is kidnapped by the evil with Gruntilda who, using an elaborate machine is going to swap bodies with Tooty making her ugly and Grunty beautiful. Banjo must save his sister and with the help of his bird companion he sets off. In this game you face the challenge of 9 levels of increasing difficulty each with 10 jigsaw pieces in them. In order to advance in the game you need to collect enough jiggy pieces to open new levels. Each level also contains 100 musical notes which you need in order to open certain doors as you make your way through Grunty’s lair. The other challenge each level holds is finding the two rare and sought after hollow honeycomb pieces, which give you extra energy. You’ll face many foes and meet many friends and learn some cool move’s along the way courtesy of Bottles the Mole, As well as the cool transformations into certain creatures thanks to the magical shaman Mumbo Jumbo. This is a fantastic adventure game and holds many secrets that you’ll be unlockling well after you’ve taken down the witch in the final fight atop the castle. Play this game if you want a taste of what video games used to be, and still should be!


banjo_tooie_n64coverAll the regulars are back that you met in the first game and the 2nd instalement of the bear and bird proves to be just as difficult, if not more difficult and the game play is all there. The adventure must continue and this time the best new feature is the new moves Banjo and Kazooie are taught. My personal fav is the different colour eggs and their subsequent effects they have on the bad guys. The levels are bigger, better and harder than ever!


super_mario_64_box_coverWell I guess it’s fair to say that Mario is a worldwide sensation. This little Italian bad boy has had so many games made it’s hard to keep count. I do believe that this tops them all though. Just like his furry brothers Mario had a big adventure on his hands here. Bowser had been up to mischief and of course there was that damsel, Princess Peach, in distress. Instead of notes you collected stars in order to open the doors to new levels, a whole 120 had to be collected and although not as many as there had been jiggys in B-K, some of these would prove quite difficult to get a hold of. Fighting Bowser was a goal in it self and the prize for defeating him would be a large key that would open more doors in the castle and bring a whole lotta new lever leading up to the ultimate final fight with Bowser to free Princess Peach and restore order to the castle. If it wasn’t for Banjo-Kazooie, this would be my all time favorite game. I need to buy it, and re-play it.


zeldaEverything about this game rules! The weapons were amazing, the game play amazing, the characters, the world of Hyrule, the storyline, the different levels, the objectives. Everything. This was the first in the Zelda series I ever played, it blew me away. The basic storyline is that Link must set out on a big quest to stop the triforce landing into the hands of the evil king of the Gerudo, Ganondorf. The triforce would grant the holder any wish it desires, therefore if Ganondorf had itthere would be no knowing of his power. Apart from the task at hand there were many optional side quest that could be carried out should you choose and I believe that is what made this game great. There was a feature allowing you to trade items to people you would meet, and if you traded them all you’d be rewarded with the ultimate prize. The two handed Biggoron Sword, the biggest weapon in the game. You could ride horses, shoot arrows, go shopping, even go fishing. Throughout the game you must learn different melodies which where needed to be played using the Fairy Ocarina or The Ocarina of Time to solve puzzles, unlock new area’s etc. this is an amazing game with no end to the prizes that could be unlocked or the quest’s you could embark on. Go play it, I give it 10 outta 10 any day!


goldeneye1upTime for some action! This game was taken direct from the plot of the movie and the novel which sparked the movie, and so that is how the storyline goes. You play as Agent 007, James Bond. You must recover the GoldenEye Key which was stolen from a secret organizational crime syndicate known as Janus. You must make your way throughout the levels located around the world killing off bad guys, recovering stolen goods, placing tracker devices, blowing up space laboratory’s , rescuing hostages and so forth. During your missions you encounter some deadly foes, General Arkady Ourumov, female assassin Xenia Onatopp and the ultimate betrayal, ex-00 agent, and old friend of Bond, Alec Trevelyan. As well as bad guys you encounter friends and other particulars who help you along the way, the key player here being Natalya Siminova, a Russian computer programmer who’s team is killed by Ourumov and Onatopp, but of course, you save her and use her to help you with the mission. As well as the single player option this game has an amazing multiplayer feature which allowed you and up to 3 friends to battle it out in some select levels with your choice of weapons. This is a pretty simple game, but the endless supply of bad guys and the difficulties of completing some levels made it a choice play. Cheats are also unlockable by completing levels in a set amount of time, which requires great skill.


mariokartProbably one of the most celebrated games ever released on N64, yes this had single player mode where you would take a pick of all your favorite Mario characters and compete in races to win the trophy over 4 different levels of difficulty each with their own set of racecourses. But forget that, the real gem here was the multiplayer feature. You and three companions could race it off in whatever level you choose to your hearts desire making for hours of fun. Even better was the multiplayer battle modes, which allowed you to battle it out using weapons such as turtle shells, banana peels and land mines. Whilst these would slow you down during a race, in the battle mode if you took a hit you’d loose one of your three very precious balloons attached to your race kart. Once you loose all 3 balloons you’re out.  This is a very addictive game, and will be for many years to come.


DKRcoversJust like Mario Kart 64, all the addictive elements of racing are here. This steps up a notch though, with the element of adventure added! An evil intergalactic wizard, Wizpig, takes over the island, and you get to choose your character outta a range of nintendo favorites to compete in a series of races ultimately leading to the big race with Wizpig himself. 4 of the islands peacefull inhabitants are transformed into the boss’ of each world, there are 4 worlds in total all with a range of races you would have to complete. After beating all the worlds on the island Wizpig returns to his outta space planet but leaves the portal open so you persue him there where you find a whole new series of races, boss’ etc. There’s also a battle arena in each world where you would face off against 3 other contestants with weapons likened to the one’s in MK64, again featured is the multiplayer option, where you can take part in races or battle it out, just like in MK64.


pokemonstadium2!This game appealed to me for one reason. I was a big lover of the Pokemon Gold and Silver and later adaption of Crystal on Game Boy Colour. A big step up from their little brothers, Yellow, Red & Blue they opened newer worlds to be explored and the number of existing Pokemon jumped dramatically. They featured the internal clock which actually changed the weather and had night time, morning time, midday and even daylight savings time. Allowing certain Pokemon to only appear at certain times of the day. Another feature was the cell phone system (american term yes I know!) which allowed you to phone other Pokemon Trainers or for them to phone you. Both features have since been ditched in later instalments of the everlasting gameboy series and I can’t understand why. Pokemon Stadium 2 enables you to play the your gameboy version (G,S only) on the big screen with the use of a Transfer Pak, and that’s why it is a favorite for me.


Lylat_WarsLylat Wars was the last of a dying breed of classic arcade games, it was taken to 3D here and was miles ahead of the rest of the pack. But sadly you seldom see a game like this anymore. Otherwise known as Star Fox 64, this game was also the very first on N64 to feature the Rumble Pak plug in accessory. Evil scientist Andross is exiled to the planet of Venom where strange activity is being recorded, 3 elite members of the Cornerian Star Fox team are sent to investigate. Upon arival in Venom they’re betrayed by one of their own and James McLoud is killed in action. His son, Fox, then leads a team back to Venom to face Andross, avenge his fathers death and restore peace to the Lylat system. You command Fox in this pretty straight forward game where you face different levels of different difficulty. Defeating a level a certain way would enable you to advance differently throughout the Lylat system. The multiplayer feature is here, though not nearly as appealing as single player mode.


superGet your mates around, pick your favorite N64 character and battle it out! Whilst there was a somewhat difficult single player mode, this games only addictive feature was hands down the multiplayer mode. Each trademark character has special abilities and moves and it basically involves an all in brawl untill all lives are exausted and one remains victorious. Having some insanely fun weapons and levels, this game was the only game beside Goldeneye that could be thouroughly enjoyed over prolonged periods with your friends (not forgetting the Mario Party series either!) This clocks in at number 10 of my top fav games and for good reason. If you’ve played it, no explanation is needed. The end.

Of the above games I own only Goldeneye, Banjo-Kazooie, Diddy Kong Racing and Lylat Wars. I’d love to again own the other titles i have mentioned. It’s only a matter of time before I do have them. Thank you for reading this, and goodbye.


September 1, 2009

Where does it end, and where did it begin?

Just about to go meet Jac for a quick hot breakfast. Then I’m getting the bus out to work where I’m not looking forward to the cold and ruthless wind. Last week the wind was so bad it blew shit everywhere and myself and co workers alike got caught in the crossfire. Lets just hope this week I make it to Friday incident free!