August 31, 2009

Holy shit, there’s a constant stream of activity between myself and the other half of this recent argument!

Is this state honestly so simple that all you guys have to do is monitor other people’s online brawls? Almost 30 times today and it’s not even 10:00!



August 31, 2009

…Is something I’ve never had a lot of and never will strive for. I’m the kinda guy that likes to keep friends close and enjoy the time I have with them.

I do my thing and people do their thing. Is that so hard to grasp?


August 31, 2009

Even though there’s some very obvious bad blood, I gotta give this guy credit!



August 31, 2009

Right now I love my life! I have a great, alright paying job, in a very friendly and easy going enviroment at Tibballs Nursery out in Montrose. I can only hope that with some patience it becomes a full time thing and I knock off those two days of eating, listening to music, playing N64 & being lazy.

Recently I’ve tried my best to start a small time distro store. With the funds that come outta that I hope to release a few mates bands demo’s. I also hope to put on more shows, the more shows the better I reckon. This is about getting Tasmania reconised as a good place for bands to tour, that’s what the grand scheme of all this is about. Not $$ or scene points or any other childish game. I just want a good rep for my state, and to provide the people of this state with some amazing interstate bands, weather they’re up and coming or been established for years. I’m just so glad my beuatiful girlfriend Jac is helping me 100% with it. Despite the negativity of a few haters, I’ll strive to push on with this.

In terms of music, the new No Way Out cd is still ruling my life, as is Risk and Reason’s demo. I’m yet to hear/buy the new AFI and Suicide Silence cd’s and after a long wait I’ve been informed my I Exist pre-order is finally on it’s way.  The things I’m now keen on are Confession’s album, to be dropped September 10th & Resilients EP which they’ll release sometime this year! They’ve literally put and plan to put thousands of $$$ into that so get set for something amazing.

Life with my girlfriend is awesome, it’s been a bumpy year with it’s fair share of ups and downs. But the 27th of September will mark one year for Jac and I and lets just say I’m excited, nervous, gratefull and utterly stoked at the same time. Never before have I been this commited to someone, being in love is fucking great.

That’s all I’ve got to say on myself right now. Criss Angel is on and he’s a fucking annoying fraud haha!

Here’s that album I mentioned previously which has me brimming with excitement.



August 31, 2009

So who was the low life coward that was unable to leave their name and anonnomously leave a comment on my post entitled ‘Real World’ eh?
You know my words are true, probably why you became so confrontational in your reply. I love life so wouldn’t ever consider killing myself.

I ask whoever you are to contact me, show your face you weak cunt.


August 30, 2009

Just discovered that one of my favorite bands has now made a blog. Cool!


Real World.

August 30, 2009

This will start a fucking riot, I know. But fuck it. This is my final say on the matter.

I thought the real world was getting a good paying job before your half way through your twenties? I thought running your own ‘label’ meant actually helping out cost wise, amongst other things, and not just putting your name on the releases and not giving the bands a cent for them, or keeping them and trying to flog ’em off a year later?

You know who you are and I’m at a loss at current as to why you or your mrs. think you have the authority to push your weight the way you do. you say we’re copying, there were labels and people putting on shows in this state well before you did. As was the case with the rest of the fucking world!

Oh and don’t talk to me about statutory rape, how old was she when she had her first child?

Her own words said everyone takes things literaly, this is my literal response. Oh and I fucking love deathcore, like real deathcore rocks.

We both love the music scene we’re involved in, so why the fuck aren’t we supporting each other instead of hating! Unless your not in it for the music, eh?

Thought you were 100x better than this.


August 28, 2009

I’m a cunt for voicing the opinions I believe true, in fact the same opinions someone I know voiced a mere week and a half earlier?

I’m a cunt for finally coming to the decision early this year to collect vinyl?

I’m a cunt for trying to provide Tassie kids with some good music from up and coming aussie bands?

I’m a cunt for being against downloading when all I said was it doesn’t seem fair to dl the bands that have just started out and need cash?

I’m a cunt for sticking up for the one’s I love?

I’m a cunt for trying to cool things down?

I’m a cunt for being me?

I’ve no time for any of this anymore, if you think I’m a shit dude keep the fuck away from me. Stop bitching to your friends. Where will it get you? In the course of a week I’ve lost friends. I’ve lost support of people closest to me. I’ve lost any hope that people can be decent these days. It’s all just rah rah he’s copying me, he’s trying to be awesome. He’s a hypocrite, he’s a faggot. to everyone that has been involved with me this week, grow the fuck up and find better use of your time.

Distro Store!

August 24, 2009

Check out The Distro Store Below!

1. Fantasia Moons
2. Conjurer of Cheap Trick
3. Of Books & Bells
4. Yamaraja’s Abode
5. Four Seasonings In Relative D
6. Pistolaz of Love
7. White Blossoms
8. The Ballad of Stuart Morley
9. The Blase Are Kicking Arse
(comes in a nice little digi pack with full set of lyrics, first 5 buyers get free badges.)
Price: $23.50

1. Too Far
2. Better Off
3. The Countdown
4. October 27
5. Changes
6. Still Dreaming
7. What It’s Like
8. Good Times
9. It’s Not So Hard
(standard jewel hard case, fantastic no bullshit hardcore from Melbourne w/ track 7 featuring guest vocals from Deez Nuts’ JJ Peters)
Price: $17.00

2. Deal or No Deal
3. White Lies
4. Day at The Races
5. KFC
6. Bangers & Mash
7. Fed Up
(standard jewel hard case, again some good no bullshit hardcore with some strong agenda’s. From the NSW central coast. Coming to Tas on the 19th of September)
Price: $12.00

1. Ghost Dance
2. Snake Oil
5. Leveller
(going into my personal fav top 5 releases this year, ex members of Pigs! Bail! you’ll get this free with any purchase if you’re lucky!)
Price: Buy Any Of The Above To Receive This For Free.


  • Vultures, 4-Track Demo July ’09
  • Tapeworms, Demo
  • This City Ignites, 4 Track Demo
  • Dogfight Records, Limited Numbers of All Releases


Paint Job!

August 23, 2009

Just made this in Microsoft Paint, I’m strongly considering getting lessons on how to use other programs. Quality of my fliers might come up better ay!

Anyways, lets just say excited about this would be a huge understatement.

Resman Cashilient