Cry Murder

July 31, 2009

Walked into Tommy Gun Records today to get the Silverback EP ‘Dead’ put in there. I found Cry Murder’s demo! Also found Hellfest on VHS. Awesome. Go there Monday afternoon onwards as of next week to buy a Silverback cd or come see either Jac or Myself. Sweet.




Who wants a Silverback cd? Come see Jac and I! We have a bunch of copies of this cd to sell as a favour for the band. They’re coming down in September so get stoked.


More eBay Purchases..

July 26, 2009




My Extortion collection is getting there….

degenerate 12''




July 24, 2009

There are good times to be had!
Yesterday I booked flights and accommodation for Jac and myself to go to Melbourne on the 15th of August so we can attend the final ever Pigs! Bail! show. They’ll be supported by No Way Out, All or Nothing, Vultures, Dirty Mack & Risk ‘N’ Reason. Gonna be such a hectic show and the wildest weekend. To make it even better, the night before we leave is when the Stand Defiant / Mindset tour comes home to Tassie! Supports for that show go like this: On Your Feet Soldier, Your Demise, Mephistopheles, The Turnaround, A So Called Hero (Mr. Cashman!) & Resilient. Ohhh shit! That’s gonna be such an epic gig and will get me so pumped for No Way Out & Pigs! Bail! the next day. I’m so looking forward to good music that weekend and can not wait. To cap it all of in terms of good music I’m soon to be booking my Sike Your Mind ticket which features a second to nothing less than amazing line up- Blkout, In Trenches, Antagonist A.D, Miles Away & Deez Nuts. I’ve no doubt some local Melbourne band or 2 will be picked up as supports and I’m really keen to see who gets given the spot. So Far Jac and I are travelling over to Sike, she’s coming ’cause she wants to see Antagonist A.D. & Deez Nuts. I’m going for Antag, Blkout and In Trenches. Anyone wanna tag along with us?
Anyways all in all I’m insanely anticipating these shows and anyone in Tassie on August 14th should head down to The Venue in Salamanca (Just opposite the ALP State Secretary’s office)
It couldn’t get any better than this.




More eBay Winnings!

July 21, 2009


Also in eBay news I actually sold a few items. What the f! Sold items include 2x PWD cd’s & a Strength Through Purityxxx cd. 2x PWD shirts. 3x Bridge 9 Hardcore compilation cd’s. 3x The Living End cd’s and Jac sold a Fall Out Boy beanie through my account. Hahah. Only 2 items currently listed but more to go up soon, check it.

2nd Poster…

July 21, 2009

So after a lot of shit someone has decided they’d be nice to me, even made this. I think this poster is fucking sweet but I’m already committed to the first one and don’t wanna fuck William around after all his hard work.

Apart from that there has been a minor problematic drawback, SAS and Axel Murphy pulled out! Obviously it was a tough choice for them to make, as they’ve never pulled outta a show before, but evidently it was a choice they had to make. I know that lots of people were excited to see Axel play an acoustic set to open the show but you all need to realize that he has other commitments to think about. As for SAS well obviously Axel wasn’t coming if they weren’t but hey be patient I’m sure more shows with SAS will be announced soon!
Although I can’t say this wasn’t a kick in the nuts what with A So Called Hero pulling out before the show was even announced, and changing their name to Mr. Cashman! I’m sure it will still be a good show none the less.
I have asked 2 bands to fill in as well as a certain someone to open the show so we all still get to see an acoustic set. Will announce details with an updated flier & new line-up as soon as everything is 100% confirmed.

Anyways, here’s that gig flier I was talking about, obviously the person who made it for me will raise a few eyebrows, but hey I’m willing to accept it if they wanna be mutual.


Yeah that is right, Metro Buses in Tasmania are a bunch of hopeless, good for nothing slobby pricks.

On numerous occasions Metro bus drivers have drove right past when I have been waiting at a bus stop, even as I signal to them there have been instances where they just look at you and keep going. Not only am I talking about myself though but of a lot of other people I know of that have been let down by this pathetic transportation giant. People always have and always will rely on Metro buses to get around for whatever reason that may be, so it’s a real shame to see that the service provided is no where near helpful nor can it be a manageable input into our everyday routines. It’s a total disgrace. It stuffs you up countless times, especially when buses are late by half an hour, or as previously mentioned they just drive past. I personally know of a lot of students who have been late for school and had it marked against them with the sole blame being put down to metro buses never arriving on the times indicated on their timetables.

Now I guess I should talk about the utter rudeness of some Metro drivers, most of these people that have been hired to drive the buses are just downright rude, they think they own the world but they need to get over themselves and realize they’re only lousy bus drivers. I will tell you of a situation in particular. Involving myself and Jacquie. Jac came to meet me after work, she had used her student bus pass to get out to Glenorchy, where she was meeting me at the Northgate Shopping Center. Now her bus pass allows her to travel to and from school and allows her to use it under circumstances involving the fact that she can prove it’s being used for school purposes. She had also been in Glenorchy that afternoon buying things for her schoolwork. We tried to get back onto an express bus to Hobart after she let me, I got on fine using the day tripper I had purchased previously that morning but when Jac showed the driver her bus pass his rude and unkind response was,
‘You can’t use that… Get off!’
Jac was very taken back by this rude response and when she asked the problem he was furthermore rude by saying she wasn’t paying a fare and would have to leave, we were both very low on change at the time so I gave her my day tripper, It went through the machine and validated fine but his next response was simply,
‘No, get off!’
When I asked him why we had to do that and pointed out it was a day tripper he said that we were not allowed to do that and to leave the bus. He went on to swear and carry on at us until I had had enough, telling him to fuck off I left the bus, he then kept the bust doors open and continued to abuse me. I told him Metro buses were useless and his response to that was to life his finger and his thumb in the shape of an L on his forehead. How childish of him. A full grown man bullying a 16 y.o girl and her partner just because they wanted to get home. But hey what can you expect from a piece of shit bus driver?

Jac was really starting to stress out by now and I can’t blame her for not wanting to be stuck in Glenorchy after dark. I reassured her and told her that the next bus driver would be kinder.

I was very wrong though. The next bus driver was an even ruder cunt than the last! If you ask me I’d say the first driver had radioed through to the second and told him to give us hell, and for what? Shits and giggles? Who knows. Anyhow, this guy pulled up and Jac got on, she showed him the pass and he took it off her, this guy was mid to late 50’s. He looked at it and said,
‘Nope you can’t use this I’m afraid’
When I questioned why he told me it was because he said so. I went on to explain she had purchased school things in Northgate and we were stranded. I asked how we’d get home and he spat at me that it wasn’t his problem. I pointed my finger at him and I told him if anything was to happen to us whilst stranded at Glenorchy he and Metro would be held responsible. He told me he was fine with that and that he’d like to see me try. He went on to be generally rude towards us even after we had disembarked the bus. he even gave me the finger which had me hit boiling point and left me enraged and trying very hard to bottle it up and keep it in. I settled for walking back on board and telling how hopeless metro was and if there was other forms of transportation I’d use it.

I’ve had it with Metro and I’m not sure abou the rest of the public but if they’re as fed up as I am I say action needs to be taken to solve this everlasting problem. The recent changes that have been made have been hell for a lot of people and Metro are either to blind to see that or too selfish to care. Fuck Metro Bus company and the rude drivers that come with it!

DNJ Second Show!

July 17, 2009

SolventIntakeUSETHIS1This poster can speak for it self I think!

Long Week!

July 14, 2009

So I haven’t wrote on here since last week! How lazy, but I guess I have been busy.

Saw Bruno with Jac last week the day it came out. Was extremely funny but I gotta say despite the hype there were some moments when I felt I’d seen it all before with Borat. It’s all the same thing, common decency being thrown away to offend members of the public or certain celebrity figures to the amusement of the viewers. Not saying it wasn’t a good movie though.. There were some very unforgettable and hilarious scenes. If you haven’t seen it already, see it. But don’t expect anything new. It’s the same sense of humour as Borat, but it’s working so hey, no point criticising it anyway!

Now, on to the topic of that show Jac and I are organising, it is no longer at The Youth Arc, it’s at The Loft! The date is the 10th of October and I’ll be releasing all the details with the complete line-up as early as next week so stay tuned.

As for the rest of my life it’s gone to shit. I feel no one in this world can be trusted, I’ve lost faith in people having any ounce of good left in them, I’ve been fucked over by employment agencies and I’m arse flat broke! If it wasn’t for a few essentials I believe I’d be lost with life right now. To sum it all up nice and quickly- I have come to the belief I’ve had stuff stolen from me. People that were once good friends have become bitter enemies, and shown to be a real cunt of a person. The full time job I started has now been cut to 2 days a week, a slave labor with a joke of an income, due to which I have no cash and my plans for the future are from here on in, fucked.

I say thank you to Jac, you’re the only one I can trust. For sticking around and for us helping each other through everything we’ve been though. I owe you the world. I say thank you to good music forever hounding my ears and keeping me going. I say thank you to all the gigs I ever get attend, they are the times when I feel I can let go the most. I say thank you to good humour ’cause lets face it we all need a good dose of laughs and I say thank you to the internet, to this blog… For wrecking my lifestyle and at times becoming some sort of wierd outlet for me to express my feelings to, at times, possibly no one but myself.

Guess I’ll just leave with a few of my recent eBay winnings/purchases. Which as of now will be of very little due to cash shortage.






July 14, 2009

Have got some stuff for sale up on eBay, some of Jac’s stuff there too. Sus it out!