This Will Never Get Old

June 29, 2009

I will never in my life get over how good this EP is….
If you like hardcore music, but haven’t listened to Pro Team. Then you haven’t lived.


Fuck…. Blogging is addictive!


eBay Winnings

June 29, 2009

First pressing of Carpathian | Shipwreck A.D. live split 7″.
Now I have all three of the colors. Very happy with that. Just need the Isolation vinyl’s to complete my Carps collection, and they shouldn’t be too hard to get a hold of.

carp shipwreck

So what have I done of late? I’ve had an amazing weekend with Jac coming over, we went out to Fritto Mistro to celebrate 9 months of being together and talked about 3 more to go ’til Grand Final day and 1 year. I ordered this burger and when the thing came out it was in three pieces I had to stack it myself and cut it in two before I could munch into it but it was just fucking beautiful. Mayo, lettuce, tomato, poached egg, bacon, one big slab of beef, and a very crunchy bun. Add cracked salt and pepper and what more could you ask for? Jac got the Houn Valley Mushroom’s and thought they tasted like shit, so I went across the road to the bakery and got her a muffin.
Also I’ve been working out this gig for October, being a real cunt of a thing to get sorted out. But hey, why am I not surprised? Gotta be prepared for hard work when doing something like this.

On other news I’ve had my 2 day trial at Tibballs Nursery and am confident the job is mine. It will be good to finally have a sustainable cash flow again. I wanna pre-order the I Exist 7″ but lack the cash as I owe a lot of money elsewhere. Changing jobs and halting the flow of $ has really hit me hard. But I know I’ll pick up the slack with my first pay check.  This week is just gonna drag on and slowly come Friday I’ll relax again.

Guess I’ll just leave you all with a picture of that amazing burger I ate. Sweet.



Resilient playing a show in St. Helens! That’s bound to be a prospect for good times there. I’m catching a ride up with a friend but some of the local kids should definately come. There’s a redline bus that travels there so get onto it!


Pigs! Bail! final show. Fuck yeah, fun times to be had. I got told I should fly over for this and I’m definitely considering it. I think this band fucking rules, and not just because I brought them down to Tassie. But because they’ve been doing this for quite some time now. Been on their local scene since 2006 which is pretty big for a band like that as I’m sure you know. Their album is still awesome and if you don’t own it- buy it! I can’t wait to see this show, will be one to remember.

Glued To The Screen

June 28, 2009

Some of the dvd’s that have been making my head spin of late…..




Cd’s/Records I’ve listened to during this month.
Break Even will come close to being the Australian release of the year, haven’t been this stoked on music in a while.
Enter Shikari is still, and always will be, making me happy.
Clever Species? makes me laugh and lets me unwind.
Worlds Apart makes me run around the house at high speed.
Carpathian split is something I can’t get enough of & finally, with the visit of an old friend and a night of beers came an old love rekindled- AFI.


Fuck The Haters

June 24, 2009

So last night a certain individual took it upon himself to drag up the mistakes of my past. He let his true colors emerge and in that he has shown just what a shit attitude it is he takes on life.

So we all know that in the last year and a half I’ve changed for the better. Those that know me well enough anyway. But lets face it, I was pretty bad back then. I’ll admit I was a bit of a derro cunt, and hey, some might even say bogan. I made a lot of mistakes, as I’m sure everyone else has done, in my life which I knew at the time reflected on me poorly. The only way out was to build a new take on life and all together different attitude. Which is exactly what I have done. I’m seeing things a lot differently now and I’ve not once strayed back to my old ways. So last night when I was confronted with things from way back you could guess I was more than unhappy. The past is the past and what happens stays there but I will say that in the process of paying me out because of what I allegedly did way back then this certain individual opened up to me a lot more of what he’s been thinking for years and It’s left me feeling shocked that someone I considered a trustworthy friend was making ludicrous  statements about me, also not only myself but about my family too. Threats were made upon myself, my girlfriend and my father, and I guess if any of us gets hurt over all this that guy will feel real tough ey. I wish people would take a step back, look at the bigger picture, for once in their lives grow the fuck up, and stop dwelling on things that were over and done before they brought it upon themselves to enter the fray. I found out that this person has had things against me long before opening his mouth last night but if that was the case why keep up a useless charade pretending to be my friend? Some of the things he let out last night were just downright rude. Apparently I need to be taught a lesson and put in my place. What a shit attitude. Sorting out issues using violence really gets you no where and no it will not show people that they should think twice before giving you shit, it will show them what a cunt you are. Forget the shit, they’ll think twice before they even give you the time of day.  Seriously, this is exactly the kinda person I love to hate. Brought up in a less than lovely matter and picking out the worst in everyone because of it. Instead of solving things properly they use the very violence they must hate so much. Again I say… Shit Attitude. It takes a strong person to deal with lifes issues the hard and honest way so I guess that makes violent people weak cunts? I don’t care how many bruises you leave, you are weak. I’m not gonna name this person, but he was more than happy to name names over myspace, especially in his status, so I’m sure you’ll find out soon. To this person that all this is about I say fuck you. I say get a real life, and I don’t just mean living away from home sucking up cash from centerlink. If you have a job I’m sorry but last I checked you didn’t. Get real about things and get over yourself and your shit life because I promise you, and I should know, if you waste the years you have now you will fall a thousand paces behind and you’ll be caught picking up the peices amongst yet another generation excelling ahead of you. These next few years are the most important of your life so use them wisely.  To think this was once a good mate has really made me realize that trust is a virtue that no one can rely on easily these days. I learnt the hard way but now I’ve finally caught up. I’ve got my shit together and for the first time I’m happy with my life. I’ve broken hands and I’ve made my plans. Learned from the past and I’ve never looked back!

eBay Winnings

June 23, 2009

So I reguarly use eBay and I thought why not share my winnings with all you lurkers, insanely bored people…or those actually generally interested in my life.

The Setup (INAB) Demo Tape & Demonother Split 7″


Pro Team Pullover Hoody


7250showsCome to x7250x Shows!

Rant Rant Rant Rant

June 21, 2009

Obnoxious sluts piss me off. Seriously. Do they all still feel so damn insecure that they have to fuck for their beauty? Is it really OK for them to morally degrade themselves just to feel better? To see it creeping up on yet another younger generation of girls is just pissing me off. Has anyone seen the Pre-Teen Beauty Pageant tv show? I read about it and would never want to watch it. Girls are never gonna be happy with how they look and the difference between a smart girl and the rest of the pack is that the smart girl doesn’t pack on the make-up, she doesn’t relentlessly fuck and suck complete strangers on an almost certain every weekend basis. She doesn’t go and get stupid 16 y.o. girl tattoo’s or piercings just to be noticed or to fit a mould. She doesn’t let manipulative guys use her because those sort of guys will always target the venerable girls for quick easy roots. She doesn’t abuse herself to feel better, she doesn’t follow fads or stupid trends. She doesn’t give her body away to people just so others will think she’s cooler. She doesn’t get blindly drunk and boast about it. She doesn’t get drugged up to her eyeballs and found in her gutter, pants around her ankles. What the fuck! She is the smart girl, she is ahead of the pack ten fold and will always be 100x the better girl.

To all the mindless girls I’m directing this at I say this- You will not be a teenager forever. One day you will start to care about your life and regret your actions. Just pray you don’t wind up in a situation that leaves you stuck for the rest of your lives. Grow up, sensibly. Each generation is getting worse and worse I’ve spent so many years living in disgust and I can see that traditional values are going nowhere. I have no respect for anyone too gutless to deal with their issues the hard and honest way. You’re all just another face in the crowd and you’re down and out. Fuck all you girls and fuck all you guys that are using them. Fuck.